Faith’s purpose is about healing the heart. She
works to comfort and care for those who are
terminally ill with 6 months left or less in Hospice
Care. Her heart also helps hold hope for the
injured veterans and their families.

Faith Bates Pallone

With 4.6 cumulative GPA, this UC California Berkeley
student was a student co-chair of her Fullerton High
School District and founder of Best Buds, a service
Ceylon Dugas
A mentor who leads by example, Jeanne coaches
models from New York, Milan to Japan. She empowers
women to stand strong and to protect themselves
with a women's self defense program. She advocates
and assists others parents to have educational
options from vouchers to homeschool.
Jeanne  Huliska

Due a close family member losing her battle, Kelly chose the
Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for her platform
last year and has donated countless hours to local charities
in Nevada helping raiseawareness for cancer research and

Kelly Trang Tran
As a teacher who saw the issues in public schools first hand,
Nicole's platform on Anti-Bullying and Teen Suicide Prevention
are timely to say the least. She also advocates for people with
disabilities and assists through numerous city committees and
Nicole Robinson


“Where Your Platform is Our Passion”

What is Woman of Achievement?

Woman of Achievement Opening

The Queen Mary

Location: Aboard the Queen Mary Ship leaving Long Beach,CA

Wake up in a whole new world! Welcome aboard The Queen Mary.

Judging Criteria

Awarding Women Who Are Making A Difference

We offer Seminars, Leadership Workshops and a Pageant Competition for women who are active with community platforms, education and/or visual or performing arts.

The Contestants

“Thank you for running a fair competition! I’ve been in other pageants that didn’t seem to end so well but after this one I have several women I will be recommending!” -Elvira Osmonov Miss Hollywood Woman of Achievement


Not just a beauty pageant but an achievement pageant…

for women.


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Participating in the Woman of Achievement Pageant was more than just a competition. It was 2 days of discovering myself, my desires and how much potential I have. This program doesn’t only focus on outward appearance; it focuses on what lies within…

Mercedes H. Former Miss California




November 7-9, 2014








’til the national pageant